Rats in a tank- Prologue

Sean in living in harder times. The population in America has grown to an overwhelming size. There's hardly any food, medicine, or cold water left. But when the government finally cracks and decides to take care of the problem. They make a law stating that only 20% of the families in each state may live. Sean's way of life is turned upside down as he must now fight to survive, when it feels as if the entire world is now out to get him and the person he wants to save the most.

"This world,

Our people,

I sometimes wonder if someday we will grow to outsmart ourselves.

I wonder if we are headed in the right direction.

If the human race’s future has already been decided by mother nature, or by us.

We have such potential, we have such power and influence on this world.

We can bend it and shape it into whatever suits us.

But would the world ever bend and shape us back?

We repopulate, and we devour the land and its production.

What if it leaves us, what would we have then?

We’re like rats in a tank.

We grow and grow and grow, and eventually,

We will have to be dumped back out again.”


Inspired by; Tom Klunder


The End

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