By breathing is unrhythmic.

I think I am in by bed; yes, it feels like it. 

This is so strange, to know it is my body that is failing my very self. My mind is clear, I am sure of that. Air keeps catching in my throat and I want to put my hand up to my throat, but I can't. Something's stopping me. 

Oh no. I am dying. Dearest God this is it. No more football. No more Heidi. No more school. No more movies.

No more me. 

Who is around me? I can hear them, I can feel them. Is it? Yes, mum and dad are at my head, someone's fingers caressing my scalp. Why can't I tell them to stop? Why can't I get up.

Oh, right. Of course. My tumor must have cut everything off. Hum. This is strange. It's cold. I shiver. 

"Everyone, she's about to go. Say your goodbyes." Someone said. A nurse, I don't remember a nurse.

Yesterday I was playing football, in Miss Davis' arms, with Heidi, and now I am here. Please no, more time, more time!

But she spoke the truth. I was getting colder. Even my mind now is slowing. So weird, to be aware when I am dying.

Someone sobs and my mum moves.

"We love you Alli, go be at peace." She says and dad kisses my head. I know it's him. I know his touch. 

"We'll never forget you, Alli. We'll still play football, and we'll see you on the sidelines." I'm glad Miss Davis is here, I want her here.

"Goodbye, Alli. There's never going to be someone else like you." Heidi whispers. 

"Bye Alli." David says simply. 

"I love you, Alli." Why is Robert here? 


The End

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