That night, Robert called on me and we went to our usual hill. It was harder for me to reach the top than it had been previously, but not impossible. Subconsciously, I placed my hand to my head as the frigid air clung to the tumor and felt like a tiny knives. The silk bandana did little against the cold.

"Here." Robert pulled me down so I was lying against his chest, my head on his shoulder. He placed his hands over my head. Blissful heat radiated into my head, chasing away all traces of pain and I relax.

"Thank you." I breathed in through his fleece, the only way to not breathe in the cold air which would set my head off again. 

"You look beautiful by the way, Alli." He murmured in my ear.

"Really? I don't think so." I stared down at my about-to-thin limbs, teetering between about to waste away and normal. And my head, surely that would scare him.

"I think you are. Every bit of you." Slowly he slid the silk off my head. His soft breath kept the damaging air away from me as his lips brushed my forehead and continued over my scalp. Hot tears leaked from my eyes. I wanted him, more than anything else. Wanted him inside me. But I would not spoil him. 

The End

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