Weeks to Pass

On the third week, after having chemo once every seven days, my hair fell out. I just woke up one morning, leaving several locks of my thick brown hair upon the pillow. It wasn't so bad, I was more worried about not loosing it all in one go. Cooing slightly, mum had taken me downstairs and I had to sit patiently while she hacked at my hair until it was all gone.

That sunday morning I stared at myself in the mirror, wondering how Dana had reacted. Because of my abnormal outlook on life, it seemed very superficial to worry about hair. Dad suggested a wig, but I wouldn't have it, what was the point in hiding from it? Instead, he brought out a length of dark green silk with yellow flowers on; very elegant and yet fun, just perfect for me. For the whole day I perfected tying it so it looked nice. 

Monday brought with it the promise of my friends, Miss Davis and the obvious exhaustion form my chemo. Three weeks had passed, and I was only given eight to live. Already I could feel my strength decreasing, my head heavier and the chemo becoming less and less effective. 

I walked into school boldly, thinking that people would leave me and my silk scarf alone, hoping people would be mature. Most people did, but they all stared. Some sniggered when they thought I wasn't in hearing range. Heidi already knew about my scarf, so at least she was prepared. But none of my other friends knew. 

"What?" I gasped as I walked in.

What I saw was totally shocking. I found myself staring at nine shiny heads, not a strand of hair on any of them. Dear hair-obsessed Heidi was beaming in the front, half laughing, half crying. My eyes swept over all of my close friends, words not coming close enough to say how grateful I was to them. To make up for my silence, I threw myself at them, filling my arms with as many of their bodies as I could. 

"And look!" Heidi sniffed proudly. All of the girls around me drew out coloured silk scarfs of their own.

"Now you won't have to feel so abandoned." Katie smiled as she secured hers on her head. 

"Thank you. This is more than I ever could have hoped for." I laughed. 

The End

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