I had school the next day, and with it more hugs from friends and laughter; which really was the best medicine, it always had been for me. People did not always see things the way I saw them. Heidi used to say I was in a different world; but I wasn't, I was just more in touch with the real world than most people. I never saw faults in people, never turned them away if they came to me for help, I always saw people for what they could become. 

David hugged me goodbye as usual, having recently understood that I was eventually going to die. He even joked with me that I did not have to go to school, he was right I suppose. But that would be giving in. Not to mention boring. Besides, I had to see my friends; it was the only thing that kept me going. I had more chemo scheduled for wednesday, after weighing the benefits it did me last time against the fatigue, it seemed logical. 

I sat through my lessons doing my math problems and writing my english stories, without really bothering to soak any of it up. What was the point? I just focused even more on making sure Heidi understood everything. 

The End

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