Mum took me home where I staggered into my room and flopped on the bed, utterly exhausted. I must have been asleep for the whole day and night, because I woke up on friday, in the afternoon. My first thought was football. But, as much as I hated beyond belief to miss a session, I was just too numb. Instead, I rolled over and went straight back to sleep. 

When I was up to it, Robert knocked on my front door and mum led him to my room.

"Rob!" I smiled in delight. 

"How are you feeling?" He kissed my head, conscious of my mum.

"Great, thanks. You want to go for a walk?"

"Only if you're up for it." He said skeptically.

"I am."

We went to the hill, our hill as I call it now. 

Billowing white clouds scattered across the perfect blue sky and the sun beat down, warming me through. Perhaps this was better than the first time I went with Robert, not by much though.

"I suppose this mean's we're going out now." Rob said, his hands under his head. 

"That's so strange. When finally we're going out, I have little time left."

"So cruel." 

"You still resent me for what I did, don't you."

"Resent you? How could I resent you, Alli? You're the one who always comforted me,  who laughed with me, who held me when I cried. I wish you could have found away to save my sister without sacrificing yourself."

"There was no other choice." 

We fell silent.

"Dana wants to see you." Rob suddenly came out with.

"Me?" I stuttered, "She knows?"

"Yes, I tell her everything. She wants to see you."


"Now. I told her I was going to see you, and she said she wanted to too, but she can't leave the house."

The End

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