The next two days passed quickly, but only because I was worrying. Worrying about the bout of chemo I was to have on monday. I had never had any experience with that sort of stuff, no idea what to expect. Gathering strength from what God gave me, the images on my friends and the thought of dear little Dana was the only way I could bring myself to not hyperventilate every ten minutes.

And so Monday came. 

Heidi and Robert both called me on sunday night, wishing me luck and promising that they would call on monday night. Casually, I brushed their fear at my worries aside, not letting them see how much of a mess I was; it was bad enough I had to go through chemo without them being dragged down too. 

Monday morning had me shaking from the very moment I hauled the covers off myself. The air tasted different, like my body knew what was coming. 

Blessedly, neither of my parents mentioned the imminent hospital trip as I sat down with them and my brother to eat breakfast. Tension rolled off all of us, David was shaking too. Occasionally mum would wipe her hand across her cheeks, catching a stray tear she was desperate to hide from me. 

"Bye everyone." David called as I lounged over by the TV.

"David?" i called out to him and got up off the sofa, desperate to make the most of my mobility. 

"Good luck, sis." He hugged me fiercely. 

My little brother. My little brother who was a head taller than me.

"I'm so scared, David." I found myself whispering, having never before experienced anything even close to what was going on with me. 

"I'll be home from school quicker than usual, and then I'll be here, 'kay?" His brown eyes locked deeply into mine, "Do you want me to bring Rob?"

"Not yet." I shook my head, not wanting Rob to see me in the state I knew I would be in. 

"Okay. Bye." Hugging me again, he left.

An hour later, dad led me to the car that would be my prison until I got to the hospital. I was grateful he was taking me, that way I wouldn't have to worry about chemo and mum. 

The End

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