Daddy's Back

My steps were lighthearted as I practically skipped to the waiting car that would go home. 

"How was football?" Mum asked as I slipped easily into the car. 

"Great." I repeated my usual answer, there had never been a practice that was bad. Not for me anyway, not even when I was unconscious. 

"Your father's coming home tonight." 

"Really?" My heart leapt with joy. My dad had been away for a couple of weeks with his job; the only thing he knew of my condition was the diagnosis, both mum and I had been too busy to inform him of anything else. Even mum did not know that I would be refusing treatment; so neither did she know about my promise to Miss Davis. 

"Yes. I don't know when."

"Good." I sighed happily, I loved my dad. 

"Alli, I need to ask you something serious." Her voice dropped a monotone and her figure became rigid.

"What about?"

"Your list."

Blankly, I stared up at her. Surely she would know me enough to realise I would not have made a list.

"What list?"

"You know," She bit her lip, "What you want to do before you... aren't with us anymore."

"There is no list. All I want to do is play football and be with my friends." There was nothing better I could think of doing. 

"You don't want to do anything with your family?" Mum asked, astonished. 

"You've had me for nearly sixteen years, my friends need me there."

"But what about you, forget about your stupid friends! We're your family!"

"What about what I want? I want to be with them, not you." I shocked myself at the hurtful things that were coming out of my mouth; and yet I meant every word I had said. 

That did it. My mother shut up and drove us home in stoney silence. As we pulled up onto the driveway, I realised dad's car was not there and I held back my tears. I so wanted him, I needed him. 

The End

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