My friends filed off the pitch to the changing rooms to collect their stuff and go home. That day, I helped Miss Davis put away cones and balls. 

"Why did you run to me?" I mustered the courage to ask. 

"I thought you were hurt, I thought you would need me." She admitted, not quite able to make eye contact. 

"I think I'd need you even if I wasn't hurt. Miss, I...You have to know something."

"Yes?" Locking the cupboard behind her, she turned to face me. 

"I'm not going to have radiotherapy either." I bit my lip, considering her reaction. I told her about the radiotherapy because I was not sure if she fully understood my vow.


"I want to die as God intended, as naturally as I can. Don't you think I've suffered enough?" I recounted every time I had fallen over, every time I had jumped in front of a football to stop it hitting someone else. I deserved a peaceful death, I owed myself that much, if nothing else. 

"You won't even try for a cure?"

"Try?" I would have laughed, if it wasn't so hurting, "There's nothing more I can do." 

"Try chemo once, please. Only once, then if it's too much you can die how you want." She sighed then tried to make herself as tall as me, "It's very, very hard for all of us to let go. Please, try if you want to."

Love for this woman of no relation to me welled up in my heart like a bird stretching its wings to fly. How could I refuse her one simple request when she showed me that much love?


"Thank you."

"Goodbye, Miss."

"See you tomorrow?"

"And the next." I vowed. 

The End

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