I knew the verdict before it was given, I had long accepted my fate, my sacrifice for this girl I knew only by name. 

Dr Basely was much younger than I expected, with blonde hair and blue eyes that were looking everywhere but me. A stack of paper lay by his hand which I presumed to be my file. He made a great show of shuffling through these as the dusty computer hummed dizzily. He coughed.

"Good afternoon, Alicia."

"Alli." I muttered, suddenly feeling small and shy.

"You know why you are here?"


"We've had your results back, they're not very good, Alli. Would you like to call your mum in?"

"No, thank you."

"Very well," He frowned at me, hoping I would change my mind so he wouldn't have to tell a fifteen year old kid their worst nightmare, "I'm afraid that all of your tests confirm that there is a large mass in your head," He pointed to an x-ray above his head, "Alli, you have a brain tumor."

I nodded slowly.

"Are you okay?"


"You don't seem surprised."

"I'm not."

"Alli, you have to understand that there isn't a lot we can do. Operating is out of the question because of how far gone you are. To be honest, everyone was stunned as to how you managed to keep uprigt for so long."

"It wasn't easy." I assured. The grueling task of getting up, fighting with a terrible headache every day and feeling sick. No one saw that though, I made sure of that.

"But we can start you on a course of chemotherapy which will ease the symptoms."

The End

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