Rather me than Her

Something had pulled me to it, right from the start. I wouldn't call it love, not anymore. Not now that it's gone. I didn't even know her, I only knew her name. But I knew I did love her brother; dear, beautiful Robert. 

I remember the text that started it all off.

Usually he texted me at eight o'clock exactly, but not that night. I carted my mobile around with me as I made my way through my house. Obviously something was up, something serious. It was saturday the next day, maybe I should go and see him? But I knew I would be too chicken.

Much later than usual I stayed up, just to get his text. I even texted him twice, just in case he had forgotten. 

I fell asleep with my phone pressed to my cheek.

Still there was no text in the morning. Maybe he was ill, yes, that was it, I had told myself.

The, suddenly, my text tone blared. Startled, I stared at it for a few seconds before reading it.

'Alicia, Dana has a brain tumor.' He wrote, 'I need you.'

He used my full name, no one ever did. I hurriedly punched in a reply, not letting the news sink in fully.


'See you soon.'

The End

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