Rare Wish

Nozomi Yoruhana had a normal life. She had friends, attended school and loved to explore new things. But with all the strange dreams she's been having lately, Nozomi feels that life isn't what it seems. A secret kept by her friends and revealed in her dreams will change her life forever.

~An Autumn Fairy Tale~

I love to hear the leaves crunch
underneath my winter boots.
These leaves, they sound empty.
Empty, and somewhat sad.
They dance across the barren sidewalk.
As I walk down the street alone,
I smell the scent they left behind.
The scent...of autumn.

This smell is warm, just like when they held me,
When they held me for eternity.
I think it's sad. I fear that I will never know
that kind of love and warmth ever again.

A thought came over me one day
As I wandered this empty fairytale:
Why does it rain in the autumn?
And why do I wander these streets
In the pouring rain?

In a distant dream, my question is answered.
I walk in the rain simply because no one
will ask me if I'm crying.
They'll assume it's the rain.

As long as no one knows that I'm lonely,
They won't have to feel this pain either
They'll just pass by me without knowing I'm here.

For the longest time I've been wondering,
"What is my role in this empty fairytale?"

I am...

A simple,



abandoned dream. 

The End

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