Rare Native American Tales

For my American friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

 East of the Sydenham River a squirrel  lived, by the name of "Don'tfeedhimorhe'llcomebackeveryyearwithmore"    Away south were the Great Mountains where  Goat Horn frolicked naked during the mating seasons with other Goat Horns and the female Goat Horns sat with their beards in their hooves, looking irritable.  These two were friends, but as they lived so far apart they did not visit each other often; In the River there appeared a Fish that looked like it had been of gold and Black Squirrel said, "Fish, you must not stay here for in the winter your gold scales will fall off"  And every day BlackSquirrel would go out to the water and see if the goldfish was still there and tell fish that he must not stay there or his scales would fall off.

One day Greenleaf said to his brudder that he did not like him blocking Big Sun.  And his brudder did not listen and so Greenleaf was sad and jumped to the ground.  Brother cried out in anguish and said, "Come all leaf brudders, let us go follow Greenleaf by turning yellow like BigSun so  he knows that we listen."

But Greenleaf had already told his friend Mr. Worm, "Please eat me, so that when Redspringbird eats you he will carry me back to my home with my brudder. "     Then all the leaves, having heard Goldleaf's plan, cried out to Mr. Worm, "Eat us too" and turned red so that RedSpringBird would see them inside Mr. Worm.  Then, when Mr. Worm ate all the red leaves he was happy and full and thought about how he never promised anyone to lie outside waiting for a bird to come eat him in the hopes he'd turn into leaves, of all things, and tunneled underground to be as far away from Redspringbird as possible.  And that is why the leaves fall every year.  And that is why the worm goes underground.

Blacksquirrel said to Goldfish this story  and that when the great tree has no leaves, it is time for the snow to come and there would be no food.  Goldfish interrupted his friend and said he didn't really care  to hear how the snow came and why it was white like the baby seal and Blacksquirrel reminded himself that there must be something about baby seals that would make snow white.

Blacksquirrel shivered and saw the water turning to ice and said to his friend, "You are always happy, goldfish, stuck there in water, and cannot run on trees like me."

Goldfish said, "Here, come walk on the ice, and you can see what it is like to not walk on land, and I will show you why I am happy"

Blacksquirrel walked across the ice over where Goldfish swam and stood there like Goldfish told him until his paws were frozen to the ice and he could not walk on land.  "You must tell me the secret about what makes you happy, goldfish, because I am happy to walk on land"

"I will go below to where it is warm, and seeing the look on your face as you realize that you will be my next meal makes me happy"

And that is how campfire ghost stories happened.







The End

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