A young prince is lost in the forest...he finds a mysterious tower and learns about a witch that holds a beautiful maiden as a prisoner in that tower...heard this fairy tail before? Think again...

The breath of the tired steed frosted in the cold evening air. The rider was a prince of a distant land, lost in a forest unknown. He traveled till sunset and he finally came to rest beside the stream. His tired steed fed on the green pastures while he skinned the rabbit he had hunted during the day. The tender meat roaster over the warm fire and the smell of it made the prince more hungry. He dug his teeth into his meal and relished it, though it would have been much better with a bit of salt and a glass of wine; alas his wine skin lay empty. After a hearty meal he dosed the fire with his heavy boots and filled his wine skin with water he did need for the mornings journey. He lay down his cloak as sheet and the saddle as a pillow. Before his noble head could touch the pillow his steed neighed and stomped the ground anxiously. The prince jumped up to his feet and drew his rapier.

"Who goes? Speak!" He held out his sword tensed, his eyes darting. He was trained by the wisest and the most skilled masters. He was the best warrior in his kingdom, so they say, of course after his father that is.

He saw a human shape withdraw into the woods.

"Stop, I say!" The prince commanded. But the figure just walked away dodging the trees.

The prince followed the figure. He wasn't certain why. He just followed. The forest opened into a empty heath, and in the heart of it stood a tall black tower with only a window at the very top. His eyes caught hold of a beautiful maiden that looked up at the moon from the window. Her golden hair were tidily brushed behind her ears and her skin was soft as a babe's. Her lips were the color of the roses and her cheeks had the rosy blush of autumn fruit. She suddenly looked down at the prince, shocked. She looked around and then looked back at the handsome prince who was staring at her with a gaping mouth.

"Leave, I pray good sir." She said, her voice seemed urgent, "Leave while you still leave before the witch that imprisoned me returns."

The prince stood there gazing and fantasizing.

"I beg of you. Leave for the sake of people who you love..." She cried out in despair.

"Ah, If I leave I did leave one behind," The prince said calmly, the maiden blushed, "What is your name? I wish to know."

"My name is no matter! You have your life to save. Hurry." Upon seeing that the man didn't budge she continued, "If knowing my name satisfies you, and if you swear to leave after you hear it and never return then I shall tell."

"So be it."

"Rapunzel is my name. Now hurry."

"Your name is as beautiful as you are...farewell because I keep my promises..."  The prince walked away, looking over his shoulder after each step. The maiden withdrew from her window at the fourth glance, and he could have sworn on his mother's name that he saw her blush. He felt his heart warm his body, he knew he was in love, a disease that struck even the noblest of knights off their foot.


The End

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