Rapunzel - The True Story

This is what really happened to Rapunzel told by Rapunzel herself. You shouldn't always believe everything you hear.

Alright before I start there are a few things I need to get straight. First of all I do NOT have freakisly long blond hair. My hair is black and it stops just below my ears. Do not ask why everyone tells the story like that. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. Secondly my name isn't Rapunzel. Sure that's what my parents, the king and queen of Paldonia, named me but I've never gone by it. I go by Asha because that's the name I grew up being called.

And last but not least I was not kidnapped for selfish reasons. For some reason every version of my story has Gothel as the bad guy. Gothel took me to protect me from my parents. King Radius and Queen Isabel were probably the worst leaders this country ever had.

King Radius was always told by his mentor that because he was to become king he could do what ever he wanted. He could get what he wanted with just a snap of the finger. He could make horrible things happen to people he didn't like. He could do anything and never get in trouble.

Queen Isabel was just born spoiled by her parents. They gave her anything she wanted when she wanted it.

Gothel was my nanny when I was born but she knew that if she wanted things to get better in the kingdom I had to grow up in a different environment. Away from the tyrants that brought me into this world. So she replaced me with another child and brought me to one of her home in the town and raised me as her own. She had managed to convince the king and queen to let her leave her duties at the palace.

This is where my story begins....

The End

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