The darkness blankets my eyes once again, and I am swallowed by the tranquil night. Where I have been waiting tenaciously for you.

I feel safe here in the twilight, guarded by unfounded dreams. Searching for a never ending utopia, but I am always restrained by the disquietude of heartache. In my own defense my sanity of love is questionable, but not imperishable.

I struggle to remove the barricade that preserves past pain, and even in my greatest effort I fail. I ask myself if the battle is worth the sensation of rapture, and I can not answer.

I reach for you in the hazy distance, and your there barely visible. I can hear your faint heart beat and feel your warm breath on my neck.

Why won't you stay here with me? Why does the sunlight always steal you from me? Just this once I plead for you to stay.

As the dawn breaks you grasp my hand, and I smile as I slip into eternal sleep. 



The End

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