"What the fuck?" Mack searched his trousers.

"Where's the gun?" I asked.

He grabbed my shirt again.

"Where is it, you little theif?" He spat unintentionally on me. I wiped it off dramatically as he let go of me.

"Well, maybe its in that drawer." I pointed to the knife and fork drawer in the kitchen, Mack ran there and checked it.

"I'm not playing games."

"Neither am I." I looked as innocent as I could.

Mack began searching the kitchen.

"I don't see why you're looking for it. Its obviously not going to be anywhere here. Its here." I pointed the gun at him.

He looked at me and fell to his knees.

"I'm sorry."

"Oh! You're sorry! That makes everything better!" I said sarcastically, waving the gun around.

He just looked down at the floor.

"I should shoot you in the face." I pointed the gun at his nose.

"Do it then. Make it quick." Mack ordered.

I pulled the trigger, squeezing my eyes shut. I hadn't felt a jolt or heard a sound, maybe the gun had a silencer on it.

I daren't open my eyes, until I heard laughter. 

Mack was laughing, and rolling around on the floor.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? Its only good for one shot!" His laugh turned into his chuckle. He stood up and took the gun off me as I opened my eyes.

He pulled the trigger repeatedly, pointing it towards the ceiling. Nothing happened.

He was still smiling when he spoke.

"You know, I am going to kill you anyway. Let me just pull out my rope!" He got out some rope from my kitchen drawer.

We went upstairs to my bedroom.

"Sit down!" He ordered. I sat obediently as he wrapped the thick rope around me, around and around it went.

"Can't you loosen it a bit?" I asked, wiggling.

"No. I can't. So shut up."

He tied my hands behind me after he went around a few times with the rope.

"Ouch!" He pulled hard on the rope around my wrists.

"There we go." Mack stood back to admire his roping skills. "Try to get out of that!" He looked very pleased with himself.

"Humf." I said, looking fed up.

"Wait... You need a blindfold and earplugs." He got a scarf out of my closet and tied it around my head, making sure I couldn't see anything.

"Yep. Now, we need earplugs." He looked around. "You wouldn't happen to have any, would you?"

"No. I don't."

Mack began searching my room for something he could use. He threw all my clothes on the floor.

"Ah. Whats this? I can use this." I couldn't see what he was holding, being blind-folded and all.

He stuck plastic earplugs in my ears.

"Happy listening!" He turned the iPod on and put it to full volume.

"Mack? Mack, don't do this!" He was going to kill me.

"Whats that?" I heard a muffled voice say. He ripped the iPod earphones out of my ears.

"Did you call the police?" He asked. I smiled.

"No. I never wrote my number on the paper I gave Esther. I wrote "help, call cops, I'm a hostage". Are you upset with me?" I looked as innocent as I could.

He ripped the scarf off my face.

"Why did you have sex with me?" He sat down on the bed, he looked as if he had given up with killing me. It would only lengthen his sentance in jail.

"I was lonely." I said, still tied to the chair.

The sound of sirens got louder.

"I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. I'm bisexual, I need sex from both genders. And after I do, I kill them. There are only two people I've had sex with that haven't died: You and Shirleen."

I remembered the girl from the hospital that had posed as a nurse.

"I think I could love you." He said, still not looking at me.

"The police are coming. Don't run." I tried to ignore what Mack had said.

"Lee? Do you think its possible to fall in love with someone in a few days?" He looked up.

"I don't know."

Suddenly the sirens stopped and a booming voice came from the window, which looked out onto the path outside my house.

"We are police! Surrender and you will not be harmed. Come out of the house now. We have you surrounded."

Mack peeked out the window carefully, three police cars were outside.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye. And don't worry, I never would have told them about what you did to Eddie. I love you." Mack kissed me passionately and ran downstairs.

I watched him go, almost believing the last three words.

The End

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