"Ok. Mack. Put the gun down." I slowly backed away.

"I said freeze!" He loaded the gun and got it ready to shoot me through the chest.

Raphael started barking again, I had let the dogs in before me and Mack had done "it", they were now just outside the bedroom door, and they could hear something going on.

I edged towards the door; I was closer to it than Mack. I edged so slow it almost looked like I wasn't moving.

Then a lot of things happened at once.

I jumped for the door, opened it and Raphael and Pip, who seemed to have a new taste for danger, came barking in at the same time the trigger was pulled.

I checked myself over. Not a scratch. Raphael and Pip were still barking, that meant they were fine too.

I stood up quickly and put my hands in the air. Raphy was right up and close to Mack.

“Down, boy!” He yelled at Raphy.

“Don’t hurt him!” I stood in front of my dogs.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, a loud dull single note echoed through the house.

“Go answer that, don’t talk to them about me. You’ve got a minute to get rid of them.”

Mack escorted me downstairs with the gun to my head. 

I opened the door as Mack hid behind it, still pointing his loaded gun at me.

"Oh, hey, Esther." I said awkwardly as the young girl stepped inside.

"Oh, sorry, you can't come in." I rushed and put my hands out to stop her.

"Oh... I only came to give you your milk back. And I need your mobile phone number... Grandma wants it."

Oh, sure she does. Everytime she see's me, she makes an excuse to get my number. I never gave it to her though... But this time it was different.

"Ok. I'll be quick. Come in." I signalled for Mack to go upstairs. He shook his head.

"Hello!" He hid the gun behind his back as he greeted Esther.

"Hi." She said, confused. "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"Esther, this is Mack. He's... my brother." I punched him in the arm in a brotherly way.

"He really should be going. I can't stand him, you know." I told Esther. Mack sat down on the kitchen table, his gun was in the back of his trousers.

"Ok. I'll just write down my number for you." I said, grabbing a biro and a small square piece of paper.

"So... Mack, is it?" Esther sat down next to him, uncomfortably close. I laughed inside, seeing the look on his face as she openly flirted with him.

"Yeah." Mack swallowed.

"You got a girlfriend?" She asked, stroking his chest.

"Yes. Yes, I do." Her face suddenly looked very sad, to be turned down again.

"Lee? Do you still have a girlfriend?" I had told her that "Milly" was my girlfriend.

"Yes. Yes, I do." I repeated what Mack had said.

"Well, fine. Can I just get your number and go?" I handed her the small piece of paper.

Mack nodded at me. "Well done, Lee. You got rid of her in the longest time I have ever seen." He whispered as we waved to her as she walked.

"Now, where were we?" He reached for his gun.

The End

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