Love and sexMature

“Why?” I asked him, still backing up as he got closer and closer to me.

“Well, you may not be able to admit it, but I love you.” He whispered the last three words.

“You don’t love me!” I almost felt like screaming at him.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m sure that I love sex. The sex I had with you was the best I had ever had. Lets do it again. And don’t worry about where you shot me, I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t.”

“So, do you want to?”

My brain was saying no, but my genitals had different ideas.

*                    *                       *

I rolled over, panting.

“Good boy.” Mack chuckled, ruffling my hair as we lay naked.

“Oh fuck.” I said again. I shouldn’t’ve done that.

“Come on. Let’s go again.” He lay on top of me. I pushed him off.

“Aww, please?” His bottom lip quivered.

I got out of the bed and started pulling on clothes. Mack did the same.

“Well, if that’s how its going to be...” He had put on his trousers and was getting something out of the pocket.

“Freeze.” He pointed the pistol at me.

The End

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