Why I like menMature

"I see you found Raphael." Mrs Macleod said, helping herself to the milk. "And someone else. Who's this?"

She almost ignored the dogs as they tried to lick her. Pip obviously didn't mind new people.

"This is Pip." She came to me and I stroked her back gently.

"I see. What did you say happened to your leg, dear?" She didn't really care about Pip.

"Yesterday, I fell onto... something. I had it stitched up at the hospital. It was only bleeding this morning because I hit it on something." I didn't want anyone to know the truth about what happened to me.

"Ok." She didn't look like she was buying it. Sometimes, Mom and Mrs Macleod were small contributions to why I like men.

"And are you ok now? You don't need me or anyone else to do anything for you? I could get Esther to help." Her granddaughter, in any other mans eyes, was the most beautiful girl ever seen.

Once I had asked if she had a boyfriend, and ended up going out with her until I told her I was gay. She has had a major crush on me since.

"No thanks. But I will need that milk back later, if you don't mind." Mrs Macleod nodded and walked out of the front door I had left open.

Before I closed it, I checked I still had two dogs. Yep, Raphael and Pip. I slammed the door so it locked.

Raphy was barking again. I didn't bother to ask him what he was barking about.

Pip was hiding again.

"Alright, fine. Whats up?" I said eventually. Raphy kept clawing at the door.

"You want to go outside? Why?" I opened the door, puzzled, he couldn't need to do his "buisness", he had already done it a few half-hours ago.

As soon as I opened the door, he was away. He ran down the path leading to my house and into the road.

He just stood in the middle of the road, barking in the direction of the house.

Pip bolted past me and ran to where Raphy was standing. She hid behind him and started crying.

"Come on! Nothings the matter! Come back in when you're ready!" I called to them.

I walked away from the door to see if they would come back in.

I looked outside from the window in the kitchen, Raphael suddenly sprinted up the path as I heard the door slam.

There was no wind that day, so I didn't know what could have caused it to slam shut like it did, I soon found out.

The End

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