Noises in the nightMature

I sat there until the sun came up.

Raphael came to sit with me at around half four in the morning. I enjoyed his company. Stroking his head relaxed me greatly, just knowing that I have Raphy near me calmed me.

His ears suddenly pricked up and Pip ran to the door, they had obviously heard something.

"What is it? Raphael? Pippa? Whatcha hearing?" I looked out the front door. Raphael started barking.

"Shh! It's half six!" I patted him on the head.

Pip started to whimper, she sat in the corner of the kitchen, facing the wall.

"Pippy? Whats wrong?" I was getting worried now. The day before someone tells me he will be watching my every move and now my dogs are scared out of their minds.

Raphael barked again. This time, he wouldn't shut up, no matter how much I tried. Mrs Macleod would be so happy with me.

I dared not open the door. Mack could be there, blade in hand, on my doorstep.

Eventually, at about half seven,  Raphael stopped barking and Pip came out of the corner.

I had been sitting at the front door with my metal baseball bat in hand. I finally moved the chair back to the kitchen, but I still kept my eyes fixed on the door.

I looked away for a moment and as I was looking back a sudden, loud knock came at the door. I almost jumped out of my skin.

Raphael started barking again, but this time, not in anger or fright, he was using his "puppy" bark. He raised his voice somehow and made a more yappy noise.

I opened the door slowly.

"Lee, dear! What ever was the matter this morning?" It was Mrs Macleod. I knew she would hear. She didn't look angry, though, she looked worried.

I folded up the bathrobe I was in, I was subtley trying to cover my leg. But nothing gets past old Mrs Macleod.

"Good Heavens! What happened?" She pulled back the thick fabric and put a hand to her heart.

"I... fell. Oh not today, yesterday." He added, seeing the look on her face.

"Why's there so much blood?" I forgot about that, when I had fallen that morning, it had started bleeding.

"I just knocked it. Nothing to worry about! Its all stitched up." I reassured her.

"Anyway, I also want to borrow some milk. Could I?" She stepped inside.


The End

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