That night I could barely sleep. How could anyone expect me to?

I tossed and turned in my double bed, I realised the last time I had slept in that bed was next to "Bob".

I suddenly woke up fully, with the sensation of falling, and I was. I rubbed my head as I stood up from the floor. I looked at the bed and the floor, confused.

I looked at the bright letters on the clock on my bedside table. 3.48am. I sighed loudly.

I shook the fall off and trudged downstairs as I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep.

I fumbled for the light-switch, feeling along in the darkness. I found it just as I stepped on something.

"Pip!" I had stepped on her as she was sleeping. She yelped and stood up quickly, I stumbled and fell over her, almost landing on her.

"Oh, Pip. Didn't see you there. Ouch." My leg started throbbing.

I sat there on the floor for a while, thinking. I was thinking about everything that had happened and how I could be dead now, unless that hobo had given me the gun.

I moved on to think about the hobo, he probably had a name, maybe a family once, but then in one second his life had ended.

 He didn't deserve to die, even if he had a gun and was drunk, even if he had killed someone himself.

Mack had killed... and I had wanted to kill him. I tried to convince myself it was different, but in truth, it wasn't.

I had only wanted to kill Mack because he had murdered Michael. I didn't want anyone else's lover to be murdered with no mercy.

Mack was probably murdering someone else cruelly right now.

Devils never sleep.

The End

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