“Here you go. Don’t worry I’m sure they will catch him.” The nurse said, giving me a hand standing up, my leg still hurt.

I held onto the edge of the bed and her hand as I put weight on it.

"It'll be fine, try not to do any sudden movements." I walked around, or, at least I tried. I was fine after a while.

"You can grab your stuff and sign out. Thank you." She said, leaving me to collect my small pile of clothes.

On the way out I threw my ripped trousers in the bin. I didn't want to remember anything of the past week.

Mom had taken Raphael home a few minutes before and was waiting for me in her Porsche out in the parking lot.

"Hey, Mom." I said sighing as she drove off without talking to me as I sat in the passanger and only other seat in her car.

"Fine. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about being gay... Ignore me then." I threw my hands in the air.

We sat in silence all the way back to my house, it didn't take long.

"Thanks, Mom." I slammed the door of her car. She nodded slightly when I looked back at her from my front door. I waved slowly. She drove off quickly.

Raphael greeted me happily as soon as I opened the door.

"Raphy!" I paused. "Who's your buddy, buddy?" It was the dog that Mack had tried to pass off as Raphy.

"Hello to you too." I laughed, getting jumped on by the two Rottweilers.

"Now, calm... What're we going to do with you, huh?" I patted the newer one on the head.  "Well, first, I think you'd better get a name. How about..." I thought about it for some time. I sat down next to the kitchen table and looked her hard in the eyes.

I knew she was a female dog... Don't ask me how.

"How about Pippa? Or just Pip?" She wagged her tail, obviously liking her new name.

"Ok. Pippa and Raphael. At least I know one of you has been neutured." I chuckled to myself, which made me remember Mack. He said he would always be watching.

I walked carefully, avoiding to walk past any windows, to the front door. I opened it slowly...

"Hey Mack! I'm keeping your dog!"

The End

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