"What are you rambling about now, Lee?" Mom asked, she hadn't really been listening to me.

"It makes sense now! That man, Mack Luck, murdered Dad! Mack has a black Ferrari and a black Ferrari ran Dad over!" Her eyes grew a little big bigger.

"He murdered Dad, Michael and now hes coming after me. What is it that he wants?" I asked myself.

"That rat bastard!" She shouted.

"Thats what I said! I only added more creativity to it." She looked at me, confused.

"I'm sorry, who's Michael?" My mom obviously hadn't been told about him.

"He was my boyfriend, for four years, but he got murdered by him about a year ago." I gestured across the hospital hall at Mack.

"You kept him from me all that time?" She looked shocked.

Just then the door to my room opened and Mack strode in with the female doctor, that had been talking to me earlier, hooked to his hip with his good arm.

"Ah. Look who it is! Its little Lee. How wonderful to see you!" He joked and bowed to me.

"You murdered my husband!" Mom screamed.

"He was gay! I had to." He shrugged, Mom was too flabberghasted to do anything.

"Who's this?" I pointed to the female doctor.

"This is Shirleen. She's not really a doctor. Shes the love of my life. She's going to help me get out of this place, unscathed." He gestured to the hospital. He was still wearing hospital clothes and his right arm was in a sling.

"Aw. My little Lucky. I love you." They kissed passionately.

"I saved you." I said to Mack, he started to clap for me.

"Give the boy a prize! Anyway, Shirleen is really the reason why we are all here." They looked into each others eyes and she giggled.

"Why?" I was puzzled.

"She inspired me to kill."

"The sex couldn't be that bad." I said, smirking.

Mack immediately broke off the kiss and marched to my bedside.

"You are going to die. One way or the other. Eventually, you will be dead. Even if I have to watch you every single day of your life to get the perfect moment. Just know, I will be there." He let go of my neck, he hadn't been holding very tightly, but it was enough to shake a guy.

"Goodbye, cruel world!" He ran down the hall with Shirleen and a last wave of his hand.

No one even tried to stop him, there were no police around either.

The End

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