"Mr Carter?" Two policemen entered my room. I nodded.

"We want to know your side of the story about what happened to you and Mr Luck." The fatter one said, his badge said Martin.

"Ok, Officer Martin. I'll tell you." I told them everything that happened with Mack. I told them how we met, the phone call when we first talked to each other, the night we had slept together, and every detail of the rest of it.

"I see." Said the officer called Officer Dylan. "Well, Mr Luck did not mention most of that. Are you telling the truth? We can have you put in prison if you are lying." He got right up close to me, I could smell the recently-eaten doughnuts in his breath.

"I'm not lying..." I said confidently.

"Thank you." Officer Martin said, leaving the room.

"And even if I was, how would you know?" I teased Officer Dylan. He did the I'm-watching-you sign and walked out. 


"Hello, my dearest son." Mom put on her sarcastic voice.

"Mom? The police want to talk to you. Come to the hospital." She obviously thought I had been joking, judging by the outburst of laughter.

"Mom. I'm serious." She stopped laughing immediately.

"Why the hospital? What happened?" Even though she sounded as if she cared, I didn't really think she did.

"Just something. Get your butt down here." I smiled. She heard the joke in my voice.

"Like I said, I should've raised you better." She laughed again and hung up.

The End

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