I woke up to someone licking my face. I think they had been licking it for a while as my face felt hot and wet.

I suddenly remembered what had happened. I tried to sit up but someone pushed me gently back down.

"Good morning." A female voice said to me. I opened my eyes, she was standing above me smiling. I blinked.

"You're in the hospital. Don't worry, you're fine. The police found your dog for you."

Raphael jumped back onto the bed. I laughed. I had thought he was gone forever.

"Hey, boy." I croaked and cleared my throat. He wagged his stubby tail.

"How're you feeling, Mr Carter?"

"Alright, thanks." I felt so tired and my leg was still really painful, it was suspended above the bed in soft plaster.

"You've had that gash stitched up." She pointed to my leg. I sat up on the pile of pillows that were behind me.

"What happened?" I asked. I couldn't remember anything after I had passed out.

"You lost a lot of blood, but luckily the ambulance was one of our bigger ones and it managed to take you too. We got the police in to talk to..." She looked at the clipboard she was holding, "Oh, we don't seem to have a name for your friend we picked up."

"Mack Luck... I think." I still couldn't be sure what his real name was.

"Ok. I'll just notify the police and the doctors."

"Has he said anything?" I wanted to know what he had told them.

"Yes. He has told us that he stole your dog, here, and tortured you."

"Oh." I would've expected him to lie, after all the lies he told to me.

"You were pretty shaken up too. We've given you medication. You can leave the hospital later." She turned to go.

"Is he going to be put in prison?" I asked quickly.

"I honestly don't know. I don't think so, as you shot him." She gave me a dirty look as she walked out. Maybe he hadn't told them everything...

The End

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