"Oh shit..." Mack said, backing away with his arms up.

"I am not going to shoot you... yet." In the space between the you and yet a lot happened.

Mack threw the knife at me, I responded fast and shot the gun at him, the force knocked me down and the knife missed me.

Someone still got killed though. The hobo behind me collapsed, a knife sticking out of his chest. I looked down at him in horror as he bled slowly.

"See what you did? You didn't have to do this!" I shouted to Mack. But I couldn't see him.

I limped to see if he was behind the car. I thought I had shot him through the head, it seemed as if I had been pointing at his head when I shot the pistol.

I heard a groan from behind the car.

Mack was lying there, clutching his arm. He put his arms in front of his face quickly after he had thrown the knife, the bullet pierced his arm easily. Blood was spreading around him fast.

"Help me!" He pleaded quietly.

"Why should I?" I yelled at him.

"Please." He looked in so much pain.

"You were going to kill me, why don't I just let you die?" I asked him, crossing my arms.

"I was never going to kill you." He lied.

"You killed Michael." I stated.

"I'm sorry. It was an... accident." He panted.

"Accident! Accident that your knife, there, just happened to slip itself into Michaels chest while he was waiting in line for drinks at the theater?"

"My parents abused me. This is all their fault."


I suddenly felt pity for him.

"Do you have a phone?" I tapped my foot, making my leg hurt more than it already did.

"In my pocket." I put my hand hesitantly into his trouser pocket and found his Blackberry.

"Hello, I need an ambulance... and the police." I got off the phone with them as I started to feel light-headed, my leg had been bleeding a lot. I collapsed... maybe I should've called two ambulances...


The End

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