Rose's HouseMature

"After him!" Mack shouted to the people that had been sitting around the table. They didn't obey him though, they were all coughing from the smoke.

No one could explain the smokey mist that had just entered that room, not even Michael who made it happen, it was just something that happened.

Mack saw that the people weren't going to follow and chase me so he ran outside himself, waving his arms to try to get rid of the mist.

"Lee!" He screamed into the night.

I heard the scream from a few buildings away, I had always been able to run fast; there was less wind resistance against me as I'm short.

I turned round to catch my breath for a moment. But instantly I knew I shouldn't've. A black Ferrari was coming up the road fast, and I knew who was driving.

I looked around the street for something to hold in front of me to hopefully obsorb most of the impact of the car. Mack was going to kill me one way or the other.

All the houses looked the same, I noticed. They were all attached to the one beside it. They all had around 10 steps leading up to each front door. All the doors were different colours.

I looked at the numbers and suddenly I recognized this place. It was where I had lived as a child.

I knew it had to be this street. No other street had names like the houses here.

I ran away from where Macks car was coming from, and towards my old house.

Mack drove along slowly behind me, mocking me again.

I finally came to Rose's House. It was built by my father, he named it after his mother: Rose. We had lived there for the first fifteen years of my life, then, when my father died, my mother wanted to sell it.

I ran up the stairs. Mack saw what I was doing. He couldn't get up the stairs. He shut off the loud engine of the car and slammed his door as he got out holding something behind his back.

"Oh dear." I muttered, of all the things I could have said, I said oh dear.

I started knocking and banging on the door. It didn't look like anyone was home.

In fact, looking around again, it didn't look like anyone lived in any of these houses.

"No one lives here. They were put off by the screaming they could hear at night." Mack chuckled again.

"Bo.. Mack. You can't shoot me." I just naturally assumed he had a gun hiding behind his back.

"Now, Lee. How could you accuse me of owning a gun?" He pulled out a carving knife. It was stained with dried blood.

"Let me in! Let me in!" I was shouting to the empty house. I could see no way out of this now.

The End

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