"Hey, Lee. Got yourself into a bit of a prediciment, haven't you?" Michael smiled. I didn't know what emotion to be feeling.

It was amazing to see Michael again, but maybe seeing him will only make me miss him more.

"What? Why?" I stammered, not smiling.

"Yep. He killed me too. We are kind of like, the ghosts in "A Christmas Carol". Remember we went to see a play of that together?" I remembered that day well, it was the day he got murdered... by Mack.

"You killed him?" I whispered to Mack.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Its my job." He said sarcastically, appearing unfazed by the second ghost.

"And I'm sorry too, I'm the last ghost you will see tonight." He glided towards me and all the people holding me.

"Let him go." He said calmly to them. They immediately let go of me, I looked confused at Michael.

"They obey anyone." He explained to me. "I would hug you and kiss you right now... but I can't. Its the one thing that sucks when you're a ghost." He looked at the floor.

I smiled, admiring his humour.

"I never stopped loving you, Lee." He said, looking up again.

"I love you, too." I was almost crying, but I held it back.

"You know, your mother suspects your gay." Michael commented.

I frowned. She never let on she knew... or even suspected.

"I've been looking over everyone we knew." I nodded as he spoke.

"Well, isn't this lovely? The two gay guys reunited!" Mack interrupted our heart-to-heart.

"Shut up." Was all I said to him.

He whistled loudly, and started monologging about himself. He started talking about why he was doing this, how long he would carry on with it. But I wasn't really listening.

"Lee? Jeanne has unlocked the door. Make a run for it when I say, I shall make a distraction." Michael whispered to me, Mack didn't notice as he was too occupied with talking about himself.

"I missed you. Are you just going to go? Just like that?" We wanted to hug each other, tell each other everything was going to be ok.

"I have to. I'm a ghost. In this corner is the only place ghosts can be seen or heard. I missed you too." I tried to hold his hand, forgetting for a moment.

"So anyway, that was my life story. I bet it was interesting to listen to, wasn't it, Lee?"

I nodded, not really agreeing.

"So, in conclusion, what have we learned, Lee?" He clapped his hands together once.

"You are a selfish, murdering, chuckling bastard." A small smile grew on my face.

"NOW!" Michael yelled. I ran to the door as mist filled the room. The door opened easily this time. I ran down the streets.

The End

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