"Hmm... It seems like the table isn't working as well as it should. Lets see if it works better at 60%!" Mack ordered.

Oh, God. I felt nothing at first, then WHAM! The electricity hit me like a bullet.

I screamed. The pain coursed through my veins.

"Please!" I shouted, not only to Mack, but to all the stone-faced people watching me. 

I rolled around on the table in pain, panting and screaming.

"Feel the pain, Lee!" Mack was yelling at me over my screams.

Then it stopped. A sense of peace came over me as my breathing slowed to its usual pace.

"How was that? Painful?" Mack smirked.

I tried to stand up, or at least kneel. I just fell back down as soon as I tried. I breathed heavily again as I lay spread-eagled on the table.

I heard someone crying. I looked around, as did Mack. A girl was curled in a small ball in the corner of the large room. I forgot about the pain and crawled towards her as Mack went in the opposite direction.

She was looking upwards, up at the tall ceiling with several chandeliers hanging from random points. Her eyes were a burning red as tears splashed out of them.

“Who is she?” Mack screamed, spinning around in confusion.

I frowned as she looked at me and stopped crying for a moment. She mouthed a single word to me: “Help”.

I jumped off the table, no one tried to stop me this time as they were distracted by the young girl. I walked slowly to her.

“Who are you? What's your name?” I asked her quietly.

“Jeanne.” She said between sobs.

"Where did you come from? Have you always been sitting there?" I tried to ask simple questions she could answer without words.

She nodded, then burst out in fresh tears. I shushed her gently to comfort her, it seemed to work as her shaking subsided.

"Why is she there?" Mack shouted, standing behind me.

"I don't know. Jeanne, why are you here?" I looked her in the eyes, they were a dazzling green.

"I'm not."

That just confused everyone more. I put my hand on her shoulder, but it just went right through her body.

I jumped back in surprize.

Her voice then dramatically changed from sweet and sad to angry and revenge-seeking.

"You killed me!" She pointed at Mack as she stood tall.

The End

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