“Its ready.” An oddly shaped man called from the corner of the room. I suddenly realised that there was a huge box in the corner, made out of plastic it looked like, or glass. I could see the technology inside it.

There was a dial on the front of it. The measurements went up in 10’s, the dial was currently pointing at 0%.

“Thank you, Thomas.” Mack Luck said. I could never get used to calling him that. But as it was his name, I guess I had to.

“What's ready?” I stammered even though I already knew the answer.

“The device to send volts of electricity through that table to you.”

“Can’t I just get off the table?” I suddenly realised, nothing was keeping me on there.

“No. Actually, these people are here to watch, learn and to hold you on there.” Mack sighed, tired of explaining everything.

At his last word, all the people sitting around the table stood up. They put out their arms, as if they were protecting themselves from me.

 I crawled towards one of them; they immediately pushed me back with a lot of force.

“Ready. Steady...” Mack started saying.

“Wait, wait, wait! Don’t I get a say in this? Why are you doing this?” I pleaded.

“Go! 10%!” He yelled at Thomas.

I suddenly saw the metal swirls spark to life as currents ran through them. I then felt very uncomfortable as the currents reached me.

There was not much pain, but I wanted it to stop all the same. It did stop, soon enough.

“20%!” I let out a squeal as pain hit me, still not a lot of pain, but pain nonetheless. I lay down on my back, thinking that somehow it would stop if I did... The pain didn't subside.

"Please..." I looked Mack in the eyes. His beautiful eyes were now filled with malice and hatred.

"I haven't known you that long, Lee. And even though the sex last night was a-maze-ing," everyone looked at him puzzled when he said that, "I have to kill you."

"Why? I'll give you anything." I breathed.

"I want your life. Like you said, I am a murderer. These people need to learn how to have no mercy."

"Why?" The pain I was still feeling didn't grow.

"They... Are to become bankers."

The End

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