Someone knocked me out... again!Mature

I woke in a room. I couldn’t see anything... I could just make out a small light bulb swinging above my head, lit dimly. I was lying on my back. I stretched out my arms but they hit the walls, I stretched out my feet, they, too, felt the wall.

My claustrophobia set in and I struggled, I banged the walls, it hurt, but I didn’t care. I stopped, remembering what someone once told me: “Keep calm when all you can think is panic.”

I kicked the wall with my foot one last time in anger and the wall shook, it was a door! I couldn’t open it though, it was bolted shut.

 I stood up, holding my head which was hurting immensely, I had to hold on to the wall, which was wet with some sort of substance which defiantly was not water, to steady myself.

“Hello?” I called into the darkness.

My head hit the light-bulb. I batted it out the way, but it swung back to me. I forgot about it.

“Lee.” A voice said from behind me. “Lee.” It repeated. “Lee.”

“What do you want from me?” I shouted into the darkness.

“Ah, Lee, you incompetent fool.”

“Bob? Is that you?” I recognized his voice instantly.

"Yes, Lee. Its me." His voice sounded robotic and unnatural.

"Whats going on?" I asked. "Wheres Raphael?"

"Raphy is fine. You, however, will not be in a few hours." I could picture him smiling evilly.

"Why are you doing this?" 

"I'm a conman. I do whatever I have to to get money."

"Even kill?" My voice got an octave higher.

"Yes, Lee. And, even though the sex last night was amazing, I shall kill you." He thought about the night before. It was amazing.

"You're not a conman. You're a murderer, Bob!" I lost my fear and replaced it with anger. "Let me out of here!" I banged on the wooden door.

"Lee. Stay calm." Bob said as the door slowly swung open.

I pushed Bob out of the way as I tried to escape into the light that came from behind him. But someone knocked me out... again!

The End

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