Where's Raphy?Mature

"I'm not sure." I said, picking up the half-filled mug of boiling coffee.

"Oh no." Bob could see what I might do.

"Oh yes." I replied.

"Wait! Wait! Didn't the name thing kind of cover for this?" He pleaded. I thought about it. I thought about how hurt he must've been when I said it.

"Fine. Get up, your sitting in margarita, and I am not cleaning that off my couch if you sit down." I said, smiling. He stood up as I looked around the still un-tidy house.


“Wheres Raphael?” I asked Bob without thinking about whether he would know or not.


“I actually don’t know.” He started looking around the house too.


“RAPHAEL!” I called. “Here boy!”


Bobs shirt that was on the floor started to move. Out came the little black dog.

“There he is!” Bob pointed to him.


I went over to him, frowning. I stroked his head and checked his eyes and ears.


“This isn’t Raphy.” I didn’t know what had happened to my dog, but this certainly wasn’t my Raphael.


“What do you mean? Of course its him!” Bob took this as a joke.


“Its not him. I know my dog, Bob. And this is not him. Usually when I call him, he comes straight away and then jumps up wagging his tail. This one seemed like it was almost scared of me. Don’t you think?” I put my hand near the dogs nose, unlike Raphael, he took complete interest in licking it. “See, Raphael doesn’t like licking people.” I said.


“What do you think happened?” Bob said. “Maybe it is him, but maybe he’s just ill.”


“What did you do to my dog?” I screamed at Bob. It had to have been him, there was no one else here, except from my mother, but she was too heartless to just take my dog and replace it.


Bob backed away, raising his hands. “I’ve done nothing!” He stammered. I could see he was really frightened by me.


“Help me find the real Raphael then.” I didn’t look him in the eyes.

 “I will. Are you completely sure this isn’t him?” Bob started stroking “Raphael”.

 “I’m sure. Raphy has a little brown spot on his ass shaped like a poodle. This one doesn’t.” I showed Bob, he was reluctant at first, but once he saw no brown shape, he agreed with me.

 “Lets get looking then... Wait.. We still need to get dressed.” He looked around at the clothes.

 “Be quick.” I said, undoing my bathrobe and running upstairs to get fresh clothes.

 “Lee? Can I borrow some of your clothes, please? Mine are a bit stinky...” He put his hands together as if he were praying.

 “Yeah. I guess. I might have some that will fit you.” I sighed and told him to come upstairs.

The End

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