My special cow mugMature

“Bob! What happened last night?” I almost shouted at him.

“Well, lets see, we were getting it on. It was a-maze-ing.” He paused. “Until you screamed ‘Michael!’ That did kind of put me off.” He crossed his arms, he looked so sexy in his pink boxers.

My eyes scanned him all over as he talked; I wasn’t really listening.

"Bob! The bra! Whats that about?" My voice gradually got less excited.

"I bought it. I always keep one in my toolbox in case... and you found it very entertaining." Bob smirked at me.

"I can't remember a thing from last night. I need coffee." I shuffled to the coffee machine, holding my aching head.

"You want some?" I said, taking my special cow mug out. Bob nodded. I got him a chipped, almost dirty, old mug out.

"You have nicer mugs than that." He pointed out, looking into my cupboard. I sighed heavily and got him out a nicer mug.

 It still wasn't top quality but Bob shrugged at it, to me, that meant he was ok with that mug.

I poured his coffee slowly, watching as the brown liquid slided into the mug.

"Come on, Mr. Snail. I know you're tired and hungover but this is ridiculous!" Seemed to me he was a very grouchy guy when he didn't get his "beauty" sleep.

 I slowed down the pouring just to annoy him.

"Right. Ok. Two can play at this game." He took my mug, still empty. He raised it above his head.

"Lee." He cooed. I turned around.

"Please don't smash that!" I pleaded. "Why are you being so mean?"

"I don't like when I first have sex with someone and they shout out their ex's name!" He yelled.

"I'm sorry about that. Hes not my ex. Hes dead! Can you please just put down the mug? It was a gift from my father." I was almost crying.

"Crying? Like a girl." Bob muttered to himself as he brought down the mug and let go. It smashed on the tiled floor. I just started at it. Then my powerful green eyes switched to Bob.

"How could you do that? It was a present from my dad!" I shouted at Bob.

"Tell him to buy another one, then." He said carelessly.

"I can't. Hes dead." I looked at the floor.

"Oh. I'm so sorry, Lee." Bobs voice got quiet. "I'm not very nice when I'm grumpy. Can you forgive me?"

The End

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