Wait... A bra?Mature

“What are you doing here?” I checked the stairs, I could hear no one walking about up them.

“That's a lovely welcome from my favourite son.” She said sarcastically.

“Mom! I’m busy! Very, very busy!” I said hastily. I couldn’t let my mom know about Bob, or even about my sexuality. She really bought the whole “girlfriend” thing, ha, like I could ever get a girlfriend. I’m the most feminine guy I know, I like heart-shaped ice, for God’s sake!

"Wheres Milly?" She asked me. Oh God. That was the name I had chosen for my "girlfriend".

"Shes... not here. Shes at her house." I said, with no subtlety at all, luckily for me my mom can't read humans very well, with her being barely human.

"But there are clothes everywhere." She jestured around. Oh dear, what had me and Bob been doing? I looked around: clothes were strewn everywhere. There was a t-shirt on the lamp, trousers on the couch, and a bra hanging on the front door handle...

Wait... A bra? That can't be right.

"So, this means your sex life is good. Are you planning to have children? Judging by the mess, no. And are you planning to introduce me to her ever?" 

I sighed. "Oh Mom."

"Well, I only came to see my baby-boy." Mom smiled in her mechanical way.

"I need to clean this up. Milly is still asleep. You can meet her later. I'll call you." I ushered my mother out of the house.

"Lee! Stop!" I stopped pushing her out.

"Yes... Mother?" I sighed loudly. She just looked at me and shook her head.

"I should've raised you better." She muttered cheekily as she walked to her car. I chuckled. The chuckle reminded me of something.

I quickly shut the door, my eyes open wide in shock. I still had Bob in my bed! I turned around.

"Hello!" Bob was standing there, beaming at my embarrassment. "So that was your mom? She seems nice."

The End

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