“Should I get dressed in the bathroom?” Bob asked me. The alcohol sounded as if it were wearing off nearly.

“No! Stupid! Undress right here.” I said. I could barely take my eyes off him as his shirt slowly slided off his muscled torso, revealing rippling pectorals. I whistled loudly. He seemed embarrassed so I encouraged him.

“Come on. Now the trousers!” I said excitedly.

He undid the scruffy belt quickly, but when it got to the actual trousers, it looked as though he couldn’t bear to do it. I sighed loudly; he knew I was getting annoyed, so he pulled off his trousers at immense pace. He revealed the pair of neon-pink boxers I had seen before. He pulled them down, smiling at me, seeking my approval.

“Oh yeah. That's good.” I was completely turned on by this, but, being a professional, I never “arrived” early.

“Your turn.” He lay on the bed next to me.

“Yes.” I copied exactly what Bob had done, I only added sexy to it. I turned on the music, it was smooth and filled the room. I moved with the music as I took off the clothes of my excited body. Bobs face lit up, seeing my body.

“Mmm... Yummy.” He muttered. “You know, you never asked if I was gay.”
“Didn’t have to.” I smiled, kissing him on the neck. He chuckled his sweet chuckle.
“Top or bottom?” That had to be the most awkward question I had ever asked him. He shrugged, not really caring about the awkwardness. For him, there was no awkwardness, it seemed.

“I’ll go top then. Now, here, is how to do hot man sex...” I chose to give him a demonstration, instead of explaining it all to him. He seemed to enjoy it immensely. Our bodies combined to one. We moved with grace and beauty. There was no reluctance at all.

Throughout the whole “demonstration” Bob was shouting and yelling, he was screaming my name over and over, as I was with his name.

Then suddenly I screamed at the top of my voice: “Oh Michael!”

The End

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