"Thats how women like it"Mature

He fixed the roof quickly.

“There you go.” He brushed his dusty hands on his trousers.

“Thank you. Do you want another drink?” I offered, being subtle but obvious.

“Yes please.” He said straight away, already heading into the white house.

“Its going to have to be alcohol. You finished the lemonade.” Once again I said it in a French accent, forgetting what had happened last time I had done it. I went scarlet again.

“Somehow, I’m ok with that.” He looked me in the eyes and we both walked in.

“I know. How about a margarita? I can easily make them.” I suggested.

“Ok.” He looked intrigued.

We drank enough margaritas to fill the Nile by 7 o’clock in the evening. I was too drunk to even make more. But once we had started, we hadn’t been able to stop, we had been drinking for nearly three hours.

“Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, BOB! Bob... Bo...” I said, contemplating how drunk I was, I must’ve been very drunk if I was repeating his name over and over.

“Yeah...” He slurred back.

“I love you, man!” I started to whimper like a child.

“I love you too.” He didn’t seem as drunk as me, but I knew he didn’t really love me, just like I didn’t really love him, I only found him very charming and attractive.

“Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob,” he nodded, “All my life, up until a year ago, I had been with this guy. He was perfect. Beautiful, sexy, and really caring. When he got stabbed by that monster, I knew his body wouldn’t be strong enough to fight it. I’ve been alone ever since, I didn’t think I could love again.”

We both started crying.

“Lee.” He elongated the ee. “I have only ever been with women. I’ve always wanted to try it though... Something different...”

I could see where this was going, we were going to have sex and then its going to be so awkward in the morning. I couldn’t let me ruin my friendship (or whatever that was) with Bob.
“No, Bob!” I screamed at him as he felt his hand up my thigh. “That's how women like it, this is how men like it...” Looks like I was going to have to show him. This should be fun, I thought.

The End

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