Elliot Micheal

Serenity stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me. I had the crazy desire to bend down and kiss her again but I figured that would be inappropriate if she'd thought of it as a dream. Instead, I hugged her back and smiled. Somehow, she'd figured out it was me. But nevertheless, it was a relief for her to know who I was. I wouldn't have to go through the uncomfortable phase of telling her myself, not now.

She stepped back and beamed at me and I smiled back.

"I should go get a decent sleep now. You were tired...before."

"Well..okay then," she said reluctantly. 

I watched her as she walked out my room with her small strides, once she was out, I collapsed on my bed. was I going to answer her when she asked me why the hell I'd kidnapped her? 

The End

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