Serenity Winters


His hand went through my soft chocolate hair, gliding through it freely before stroking my cheek. I wanted it to rest there forever but then he moved his hands to either side of my face and then, I felt his soft lips on mine. It was like Sleeping Beauty come alive. For a few moments, I lay still and unresponsive – not quite realizing what was happening. Then my eyes fluttered open but a part of me was still in dreamland. My eyes adjusted to the light coming in and then focused on the angel in front of me. He was beautiful, strands of his light blonde hair falling in front of his face. Surely, he wasn’t real.


But then, here I was with our lips moving in sync and wrapping my arms around his neck, getting up so that my body was pressing against his. We fit together perfectly, like the last two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – creating the masterpiece. Halfway through the kiss, I felt myself falling into unconsciousness again and my lips parted away from his. I laid my head against his chest and soon, nothing could be seen nor felt but the lingering memory of Elliot’s lips on mine…


I woke up with a start, my body bolting up as I stared at the dark emptiness in front of me. Getting out of the blankets, I brought my legs over the soft mattress and stumbled blindly towards the source of light. My hand felt soft material and I knew there were curtains and brought them apart, letting the moonlight flow into the room. I was still wearing the same cotton t-shirt and jeans – not exactly something I’d choose to sleep in.


That was when I remembered falling asleep on the couch. Well then, he must have carried me back to my bedroom. My memory floated back to that of the dream I’d had and I felt a smile make its way to my lips…it was wonderful but I had to figure this all out.


I ran my hands through my hair, thinking…who is he anyways? Why did he want me? Closing my eyes, I leaned forward and rested my forehead against the cool glass window. I’d never dreamt of a kiss or anything the least bit romantic. You could say that my relationships with people romantically was lacking and had always been. I’d never had a boyfriend in my life and I’d never felt that way about anyone except for Elliot. It had been ages since we last talked but I’d slowly fell for him as our internet friendship grew with each day. I smiled at the memories but then something struck me.


What if he was Elliot? That would be possible! He’d seen a picture of me once and the reason why’d he’d kidnapped me was cause he knew me from his past! I was Serenity Winters after all…but that was stupid and impossible. Why would Elliot want me?


I turned around and walked out my room and headed towards his. He was going to have to answer me now. I opened the door to his room with a bang, one I knew would wake him up. But he wasn’t asleep. Instead he too was standing close to the window, just like I’d been a few minutes ago. He was wearing a tank and baggy pants and turned around startled, looking at me.


“Serenity, what are-“


“What’s your name?” I blurted out. His face changed from alarmed to a normal and blank expression.




I shook my head, walking toward him.


“It’s not.”


I stopped when I was in front of him and looked up into his eyes. The same messy blonde hair, starlight white in the moonlight. He was the angel from my dream. He was –


“Elliot,” I whispered. Plenty of emotions ran across his face, ones I could not describe. I closed the space between us, pulling him into an embrace. I was never letting go this time. The kiss was not real, just a fantasy but this was reality. I was sure of it that this was Elliot though I’d decided on a crazy impulse that had struck me. But I knew it was him…I just did.

The End

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