Elliot Micheal

I watched her sleep. Her features were so beautiful. Her long wavy chocolate brown hair, it looked so rich and soft. I found myself perching on the edge of the sofa allowing my hand to slowly pass through her hair, allow my fingers to glide through it. I felt myself sigh and I looked along her golden complexion that complimented her rosy cheeks. My other hand moved to her cheek and stroked it with my thumb.

She looked so beautiful. She looked perfect. She had curves in all the right places and it made a spark ignite so deep within me. Not only that but her personality. The firmness in her voice when she spoke to me. The faraway look in her eyes when she thought about something deeply. The innocence that hovered around her. The heavy weight on her shoulders that made her strong in her own way. She was beautiful by her soul. To my eyes.... she was perfect. Completely and utterly perfect.

My eyes were now focusing on her lips and slowly, almost automatically, my hands moved to either side of her face as slowly I lowered my lips down to hers. I don't know what I was expecting but it was 10 times more amazing. Her lips were full and soft, they felt glorious as I moved mine against her still ones. I closed my eyes just as I saw hers flutter open that dreamy and faraway look in her eyes.

Her lips began to move against mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck tightly and pulled her body up to mine. Are bodies fit against one anothers perfectly and slowly, as to not break our lips apart, Serenity moved into my lap. I don't know if she was meaning to kiss me cause her eyes still looked dreamy. Maybe she thought this was a dream but I was clinging to the reality of this kiss.

The End

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