Bye Sweet Home

Serenity Winters

As I went up the stairs to my apartment building, I looked over my shoulder back at the car behind me. His golden brown eyes locked with my emerald ones and I sent him a telepathic like message as if to say "don't worry, I haven't planned anything 'reckless'; you're safe with me". I knew he'd gotten what I meant and turned back and walked back into the familiar building. My room was on the ground floor so within a matter of seconds, I was back into my aparment.

The boring grey walls around me were almost suffocating as I walked around, picking things up and dumping them into suitcases and trolleys to take back to the car. It was in these walls I'd sat all alone and had a few sips of wine my past life practically. You'd think I was some grumpy hermit - left alone to wallow in her sorrows.

I hated being alone. It's not pleasent...not at all. I would've done anything to have parents...anything. But I don't have a choice do I?

Carrying two of my luggage, I stumbled and dragged myself back to his car. I thought he would see me but he was lying against the steering wheel with his forehead on it. I knocked lightly on his window and he jumped in surprise. With a small smile, I asked him if he could help.

Being the 'gentleman', he did as I requested, and soon all my bags were into the trunk of the car and I locked my apartment, putting the key into my pocket, saving it so I could throw it into the ocean later. No way was I returning back to that life. Even if it meant having to live with my so-not-hero.

Once we were back in the cabin, it was half past eleven at night and I was too tired to converse with him - whose name I still hadn't heard. Instead, once we had both brought my bags to my room, I crashed on the couch in the living room, exhausted. And at once, I was out.

The End

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