I'm Going Home

Serenity Winters

"Don't ever leave me like that again," a voice hissed and I looked up in faint surprise as I felt his hand take hold of mine. What did I do wrong? It's not exactly against the law to wander about a supermarket is it? Besides, I knew the phases of my menstrual cycle and within a few days, I was going to start PMS-ing so I needed certain things since he'd kidnapped me and all my things were left behind. So I had to get a few pads anyway...

"I was thinking I would need some of these if I was staying with you any longer," I muttered, watching his face. I thought I saw him blush but he turned around too fast for me to notice.

He walked ahead of me as I followed him and then I heard him whisper, "I'm sorry about that...just...stay by my side."

I didn't say anything in reply but I felt strangely calm as I slipped my hand into his, letting my fingers fall into place as they locked with his. He didn't say anything about this but I watched him as we continued through our supermarket 'adventure'. Why was I so comfortable around him? I felt like I'd met him before but that was impossible because then I would've recognised him now.


My head snapped up when he called me and his dark honey brown orbs looked into mine. I looked away and noticed that we were in the till already.

"It's 367 bucks boy."

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a wallet and I waited while he paid for the groceries. Once we were done, I carried three of the plastic bags as he carried the rest and walked out the supermarket. A few minutes later, I was sitting in the car again and we were driving back to the cabin. But when we drove past the usual route into the forest, I knew something was up.

"Where we headed?" I asked, looking at him through the mirror. His eyes flickered to mine and then he said, "Back to the city. You're going home."

I don't know the feeling that came inside me. Happiness was it? Or sorrow?

"You're letting me go?"

I thought I saw him smirk when he said, "No. We're going to get your things. I'm going to need your help in finding your house."

The End

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