Not So Super

Elliot Micheal

I wasn't sure what to do. For once, it struck me with an odd certainity of what I'd just done. I'd kidnapped a girl cause of the first instinct that had struck me. And where had that led me to? What was I to do now?

With a sigh I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, hoping there was a beer but things don't just pop out of no existence do they? There was a supermarket not far from here. We were going to need food I was going to have to go there soon anyways.

I heard a cough behind me and I turned around with a blank expression on my face. The girl was standing behind me with an eyebrow raised and her hands on her hips.

"Are you going to take me back or not?" Her voice was soft but there was an edge to it. I decided to ignore her and headed back out the cabin.

"Hey! Answer me!" She followed me out as I got into the car, after locking the cabin once she was out. I beckoned to her to get in but she stood her ground. Oh well, that wasn't going to change anything. Getting back out, I lifted her into my arms as she thrashed and screamed as loud as she could. No one was going to hear anyways.

"Leave me alone! Let me go now!" She slapped at my back hard and it stung the lightest bit but not enough to make a visible injury.

"We're going to the super market. That's all," I whispered.

 She stopped thrashing as I placed her in the car. I heard her grumble something under her breath, something I couldn't hear.

"Why'd you take me in the first place? What importance am I to you?"

I decided to maintain my silence with her as we drove out.


I pulled up into the parking lot of the supermarket, getting out as she did behind me. I put my hand around her waist as we headed for the entrance and whispered, "Be silent and go with the act." She remained silent by my side as I opened the door and stepped into the cool, air-conditioned supermarket.

I had a mental list of what to buy and went around, selecting the things needed and putting them into the cart. She followed me silently, obeying what I'd said previously. When I went over to the poultry section to get a few chicken legs and minced meat, my attention swerved a bit and only after placing the items in the cart did I notice that she was gone.

I paniced and looked around frantically. She couldn't have escaped. Or was she planning this? To make a quiet runaway. I jogged looking around the different aisles and when I found her nowhere, I'd almost decided on the fact that she'd left. But when I made my way back, I saw her in one of the aisles which had a sign saying "Toiletries'" hung above it.

"Don't ever leave me like that again," I hissed, taking hold of her hand firmly but she wouldn't move.

"I was thinking I would need some of these if I was staying with you any longer," she muttered. When I looked down at her hands, I noticed the Always Pads package. I felt myself blush a little but I turned, walking back to where I left the cart.

Knowing she was by my side, I said, "I'm sorry about that...just...stay by my side."

She didn't say anything in reply to that but I knew she would listen this time when she took hold of my hand. Hers felt so small inside mine...almost like a child's, but I didn't drop it either. I liked having her warm hand interlaced with mine.

The End

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