New Home...Not For Long I Hope

Serenity Winters

The boy, or should I say man, didn't care to answer my questions. He had barely a said a word to me since he'd captured me but why would he anyways? That's the way kidnappers are right?

Just when I was about to spring him up with the question of where in the world he was taking me, he pulled up to a small, cozy looking forest cabin. The tall trees nearby that surrounded us pretty much blocked the view of the cabin from the rest of the world. So I had no way of communicating to anyone if I needed an "SOS".

After pulling up in the driveway, he got out the car and started walking toward the house. I followed him in silence as he opened the door to the cabin and we stepped in. I was right. It was cozy. The first impression of my prison was not too bad actually. It was almost inviting as if to say, "Take a break Serenity! You need a vacation!"

"We'll be staying here," he said in a whisper before locking the door behind me and then guiding me to a room.

"This is yours."

Then with that last word, he left me alone. That was all? He wasn't going to make sure I was going to make a run for it or try and hand him in? This really wasn't kidnapper behavior. And why wasn't I freaking out like a normal person would? Maybe cause you're life is more of a sucker then you think Winters.

I shook my head. No. I had to do something.

Tearing my hand bag open, I rummaged through and pulled out my mobile phone and started to ring Fred's number.

"The number you dialed is out of reach. Please try later."

I got this same message for every other number I dialed on my phone...

Great...I was alone with a man I barely knew in the middle of the forest with no idea of how to communicate with someone in the other side of my little prison and wasn't even sure if I really wanted to...that's just perfect.

The End

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