Forest Cabin

Elliot Micheal

I continued to drive and ignored the question the girl put to me. Although as I saw her startled eyes through the mirror something in me panicked but I gained control quite quickly. Where the hell did I know this girl from?

Why does she make me feel calm and happy for the first time in ages? In fact the most inmportant part is.... why do I care? I mean. I've not cared about anyone since my parents died. Not even my own ex-girlfriend who I was so close to proposing to. Or even my best mate who was more like a brother.

Will he work out where I am? Or just panic and call the police. No... he'll just think it tto be another one of my holidays. I've had several run offs since my parents died. Also, luckily a job for me is non existent. Although I can't live my whole life depending on the money my parents built up.

I sigh heavily and finally pull up the driveway to the forest cabin left to me....once again. My parents left everything to me. But this place was the best cause its hard to find documented.

The End

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