Broken Heart

Elliot Micheal

I walk down the street. My heart aching.... wanting to give up. Should I give up? I am all left alone. But surely someone cares? No... that was proved by the paramedics who wouldn't rescue my parents, the last of my family. Overall I had to deal with the death of my last grandma, brother and parents all in the same year.

Who can deal with that?

Not anyone I know... well knew. I had withdrawn from the world. Pulled in on myself and doing that had lost my friends. I dumped my girlfriend before she had the chance to dump my depressed ass. So I was now walking the street alone. I was considering suicide.

Giving up totally on life and going to join my family. But did I really want to do that. Thats when I saw her. The young girl walking down the street. So familiar.... and the sight of her brought through feelings of happyness. I didn't know why but I had to have her. Take her away and make her my own. I walked across the street and grabbed her as she past an alley dragging her in. She screamed for a bit but I pressed a spot on her throat that slowly made her pass out and collapse in my arms.

What was I doing? I picked up her body making it look like all she'd done was fall asleep and went home. I took her to the basement flat I rented and locked the door after dumping her on the sofa. Now what?

The End

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