Ran's Story

Originally planned as a very long story of a misunderstood girl's painful quest for family, friends, love and happiness. The story itself is actually pretty comical, as it was originally designed to be a graphic novel. But this little blurb here turned out to be very, very bitter. Actually, I find it depressing. I think I was depressed the day I wrote this. Yeah, I probably was.

This idea started as a memoir, but ended up as a completely different story from mine. The girl and I have things i

Ran is lonely. Albeit full of dreams and imagination. She's a special girl, different from the other children. She really wants to have friends, yet she just doesn't know how to keep them. She doesn't know how to be happy...

The girl wonders. She wonders if happiness is truly made for everybody. She wonders if she is made to be happy. She wonders if being alone is that bad.

Maybe it isn't. Maybe she can get used to it.

Ran is only six years old.

Ran got used to her solitude.

Ran grew up a little. She's now ten years old. She meets a boy with whom she has many things in common. Ran and the boy become friends. They play games, draw and paint pictures together. Ran feels special when the boy is around. Silly, the girl now believes that she can be happy, after all.

But, one day not too far apart, Ran can't find the boy anymore. The boy is gone, and the girl is left alone once again.

Ran is now twelve years old. She decides to give up on happiness. Ran is still just a girl... a very bitter girl.

Ran wanted to believe in other people's good hearts. She wanted to believe in happiness. She wanted to be loved. Ran doesn't expect any of that anymore.

One day, a friendly boy approached the lonely girl. He asked her to be his friend. Afraid, the lonely girl ran away.

Ran's story has only just begun.

The End

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