Really , not another love song!!!

I read the page about cats and mowing the law and milk, and it made laugh. So to that writer, thank you, by the way I discover recently I am lactose intolerant. Just saying.

Words carry a power, it can make you fell what the author is trying to express. In my case that is not what I am trying to do. I am just trying not to feel , so I log in and I write. In all trueness I am just trying something in order to avoid something, it is like sex, you don't really aim for an orgasm but you know it is a possibility.

I am trying to find faith, or hope I am not sure yet. Or maybe I am just trying to avoid thinking I want to die ,either way I am here and not researching of ways to kill myself without pain or awareness. I fell like crying , a lot without reason just because.

I know most people would say , you sound depressed. Well I am not happy that is for sure.

But then again what is happiness ?

The End

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