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Right now it's 2:23 in the morning and I've been up all day preparing for a party. What I'm saying is, I'm exhausted. Let's see what flows onto this page, shall we?

I woke up one morning to a strange beeping noise. I looked over my bed to see my cat. Her mouth was opening strangely and an alarm-like sound came out of it every 2 seconds or so.

"What's wrong, kitty?" I asked her. I stroked her head lovingly. She sat up on her back legs and looked at me sadly. She rubbed her belly with her front two paws. 

"Oh you're hungry!" I said, as I was about to pick her up. Then she suddenly jumped over me and crashed through the window over my bed. 

Oh well, I think, hoping she landed safely. I got up out of bed and forced myself downstairs. I was still groggy. I began to make myself coffee, even though I hate coffee. Waffles popped out of the toaster and into my hand. 

"Ugh," I groaned, noticing that they weren't completely warm. The waffles flew back in the toaster. 

I reached in the refrigerator for some milk. As I opened the carton, I spilled some on my hand. To my surprise, the milk turned pink. I sniffed it curiously before tasting it. 

It was strawberry milk! I got a glass out and poured the milk over my hand into the glass. It was amazing. 

Wait, I thought, If my hand turns milk into strawberry milk, then what would my foot do?

I curiously dropped some milk on my toe. It had turned brown! I tasted it once again.

It wasn't chocolate. It was just the dirt from my feet mixed with the milk. Oh well. I walked to the kitchen table with my glass of milk. The waffles flew onto a plate in front of me.

I felt them to make sure they were hot, and strawberries filled them too! I grumbled. I don't like strawberries in my waffles. 

I screamed and threw them at the window. Before they crashed into the window, something from outside leaped through it and caught the waffles in its mouth. 

It was kitty again. She threw the waffles up in the air and ate them whole. 

"Good kitty." I praised her. She only meowed. 

I put my milk down without finishing it, and decided to walk outside. I did a couple somersaults and front flips before doing a handspring into my neighbors yard. 

Mr. Neighbor was outside watering his lawnmower. 

"Hey neighbor, what did God call you to do today?" he smiled pleasantly. 

"Oh, I don't know, but I was going to get a dog named Beef and let it loose in the forest. How about you?" 

"Just watering the lawnmower and mowing the flowers. A little this, a little that." 

"You do that every day don't you? Jeez, get a life." I sprung out of his yard and into the next. 

Mrs. Wiener sat in her swinging bench drinking wine and reading an encyclopedia. 

"Hello, dear! Lovely day isn't it?" she says enthusiastically. 

"No," I reply disinterestedly and begin to dig a hole in the middle of her yard. 

I took my shovel that hand just appeared in my hand and dug straight down over 20 feet. 

Suddenly, I hit rock and decided to dig to my right. After a few minutes I reached an opening. It looked like an underground cave. A river flowed through a huge vast rocky area. The rocks looked pink and green. I stepped on rocks to get across the river. A huge rainbow appeared over my head. 

In the distance, I heard clip-clopping of hooves. A horse shaped creature approached me, but it was no horse. As it got closer, I noticed it had a beak like a duck. 

"Come with me," it caressed as it stopped in front of me. It started to gallop again and I quickly grabbed onto its tail. 

It dragged me on my butt towards the rainbow. It was going to collide into it. It was heading straight into it. 

"No ducky horsey! Stop! You're going to-" 

And then it was dark.

Okay, um... not sure what that was. I spent over 45 minutes working on this and it's now 3:09 am. This may be the single longest page I have written. That's actually pretty scary. I should go to bed now, haha. 

The End

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