Nagging, because I am a woman and I can.

I was bored, I log on and I begin typing the rest is pure nonsense.

Staring at a blank page with no idea of why I am here again, erase that, I have an inkling, I am bored. And writing seemed a potential exercise that actually require no exercise at all, unless you count typing into a keyboard an exercise!! For all you out there that raised their fists in agreement, go and join a gym, it isn't. 

Do  I remember how to write anymore ? Plots and characters and the all that......... the word that comes to mind after was a swear word but if I remember correctly , that is not something appreciated on this website, so no swear word.

Writing about a sequence of events that mingle people and context is boring to me, since I started to study Psychology  two years ago , human behaviour and its possible explanation are not unexpected and yet they are almost sadly mundane, based on needs of shelter, hunger, procreation, or plain seeking a reason to why their existence came to be.

Humans are a frail project that runs in a complex universe where human life is really unimportant. Humans where compare to what exist in the universe from my point of view are simply not important at all, most days I actually feel we are a fail experience of what humanity should really be.

 And  I actually think if this is supposed as a creator specimen, what was the creator intent ? Are we humans supposed to be so flawed ? So egotistic ? And in most cases inhuman ?

Anyway, random  pages of nonsense are officially open to business.

Add at will.


The End

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